Curtis L.Pleasant Jr., CEO and Brandi Pleasant, COO

Providing Pleasant Family Services, LLC

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Your Reliable Mental Health Care Provider

Providing Pleasant Family Services, LLC is focused on giving high-quality mental health skill-building services. Customer satisfaction is our top priority that is why we strive to be the best in everything that we do in order to meet your expectations.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop the availability and practice of psychosocial rehabilitation services, so we can support persons with serious mental illness in their recovery. These services will be delivered in a non-invasive and non-threatening manner. We also believe in providing the most pleasant experience by helping individuals improve their circumstances all through compassion and understanding.

Why Choose Us

Providing Pleasant Family Services, LLC fosters an organizational culture which is inclusive of consumers, community, and staff. This organizational structure requires highly trained clinical and direct staff. Thus, we encourage all professionals from both public and private sectors to work with us and serve with dedication and integrity.

Commitment to Workmanship

Our company is built on the premise that services must adhere to the ethical, moral, and legal standards of the health care industry. It is our responsibility to provide clinical interventions that are administered by credible qualified mental health professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the industry.